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Interested in relocating to the Henderson area? Join the many other families that have decided to call Henderson their home.  For relocation information, contact the Henderson Chamber of Commerce at (402) 723-4228 or submit your information below so our community representatives can help you get connected.  At the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, our executive director can help you find a job, a business for sale, or the necessary businesses and services necessary to make your transition smooth and successful.

Find us Here: 1044 N Main Street (City Hall) Henderson, NE 68371

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Call us here: (402) 723-4228

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Cost of Living

You can really stretch your dollar in Henderson. Housing, utilities, transportation and health care costs are far below both metro Nebraska and national averages.

The information below gives information on just how far your dollar will go in Henderson You can also calculate your savings in Henderson with this cost of living calculator from

Best of small town education

In Henderson, it’s no different.  Here, students have numerous opportunities to excels in many different academic and extra circular activities at the same time.  Classroom size is small and students get the one-on-one attention with teachers they deserve.  Henderson students also boast exceptional scholastic achievement, with the vast majority of students attending post-secondary education.

Home Sweet Home

One major advantage of living in Henderson is the low cost of living compared with nearly every other location in the U.S. Here you’ll find information on local housing options along with local lenders to help you find the home you want at a cost that is affordable.  Those savings mean more money in your pocket for fun.  Also remember, Henderson (along with Nebraska) has not experienced a collapse in the housing market due to the recession. That means the value of your home isn’t going to bottom-out like it has elsewhere.

Fiber Internet
Stay Connected

Using the internet has become a necessary communication tool that is integrated into almost every area of our daily life.  Henderson is proud to be one of very few rural community that is able to offer fiber-to-the-home to every house in town and the surrounding country area through Mainstay Communications. Whether you utilize the internet for anything from telecommuting online shopping, Mainstay provides enough bandwidth to meet your needs.


Moving to Henderson? Need to change or update your utilities?  Following the link to a list of utility providers in the Henderson area with their contact information.


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The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is a community organization working towards community improvement through business promotion.  Chamber members consist of business owners, leaders, supporters and advocates of the community of Henderson.  Under the leadership of Executive Director, Aubrey Saltus, chamber members help assist businesses to prosper and grow, promote the local business community to a global audience, increase employment opportunities, encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community, advocate for quality of life and create progressive goals for the community.  Chamber dues are an investment in a community organization that can accomplish goals that would be impossible on an individual basis.

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