Home sweet home

One major advantage of living in Henderson is the low cost of living compared with nearly every other location in the U.S. Here you’ll find information on local housing options along with local lenders to help you find the home you want at a cost that is affordable.  Those savings mean more money in your pocket for fun.  Also remember, Henderson (along with Nebraska) has not experienced a collapse in the housing market due to the recession. That means the value of your home isn’t going to bottom-out like it has elsewhere.


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Local Housing Programs

The Henderson Housing Authority provides affordable housing through Midtown Apartments. These one bedroom units include the following services:

  • Income based rent
  • Utilities paid by the facility
  • Maintenance and yard work done by staff
  • No stairs
  • Free laundry (on-site)
  • Mail pick-up and delivery on-site
  • Large community room available for entertaining family and friends
For further information contact (402) 723- 4250.



Apartment options for rental living in Henderson

  • Midtown Apartments (402) 723-4250
  • Willow Lane Apartments (402)  723-5382
  • Matthew Epp Rentals- (402) 723- 4616


There are 16 rental houses in Henderson.