Whether you are looking for an organization that will support you professionally, a charity to support by volunteering or a social group to join Henderson offer many ways for you to connect to the community. Take our community involvement survey and we will match you with an organization that fits your interested or check out the local community groups below.

Chamber of Commerce
About the Chamber

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is a community organization working towards community improvement through business promotion.  Chamber members consist of business owners, leaders, supporters and advocates of the community of Henderson.  Under the leadership of Executive Director, Kelsey Bergen, chamber members help assist businesses to prosper and grow, promote the local business community to a global audience, increase employment opportunities, encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community, advocate for quality of life and create progressive goals for the community.  Chamber dues are an investment in a community organization that can accomplish goals that would be impossible on an individual basis.

Henderson Foundation
Community Philanthropy

The Henderson Community Foundation encourages people from all walks of life to give back to their community by providing a full range of gift opportunities.  A volunteer committee runs the Henderson Community Foundation making sure designated funds are disbursed correctly and charitable giving is increased for worthy causes and academic scholarships.

Friends of Henderson
Friends of Henderson

If you grew up in Henderson and graduated from Henderson High School or Heartland Community Schools, you lived in Henderson for a period of life, or you currently live in Henderson you are considered a friend of Henderson.  Connect with other Friends of Henderson and stay up-to-date with what is happening in Henderson by entering your information in our database.