Support is mounting for Q125

Posted on March 7, 2012 by hchamber

Over the past two months, support for the 125th Anniversary of Henderson has been growing through the 125 Club and the Banner Project.

Through the 125 Club residents, friends and supporters of Henderson make a donation of $125 individually to support the activities that are planned for the 2012 events calendar in Henderson.  With this membership, they receive a polo shirt available exclusively to 125 Club members, a certificate and recognition at Q125 events. The goal is to have 125 people join the 125 Club.  Individuals who are currently members of the 125 Club include:

John Huebert
Adeline Huebert
Albert Thieszen
E James Friesen
Joan Friesen
Elva Janzen
Arlyce Friesen
Deb Mierau
Norm Yoder
Linda Yoder
Kurt Goertzen
Kathryn Goertzen
LaRoy Hiebner
Ken Bergen
Maxine Bergen
Dale Steingard
Laura Steingard
Steve Michel
Shar Michel
Jim Ohrt
Nora Ohrt
Milford Doell
James Mestl
Gina Mestl
Ardean Ott
Troy Powers
Randy Ratzlaff
Shannon Siebert
Terry Bergen
Karla Bergen
Curt Friesen
Nancy Friesen
Raymond Siebert

Through the Banner Project businesses, families, residents, memorials and friends of Henderson can support the 125th Anniversary of Henderson by providing the funds to purchase a banner with the Q125 logo that will hang in Henderson this year in place of the “Welcome to Henderson” banners.  For a one time donation of $56, you will be listed as a banner sponsor and will have the option to keep your banner after 2012.  Money is still needed for 22 banners to fully fund this project to have banners on 17th Street, Front Street and Main Street.  Current banner sponsors include:

Albert Thieszen
Arlyce Friesen
Clyde and Lenora Goertzen
Jim and Gina Mestl
Heartland Community Schools
John and Adeline Huebert
Kurt and Kathryn Goertzen
Memory of Evelyn Steire
Mike Wall
Northern Agri Services
Phil and Melissa Goertzen
Randy Ratzlaff
Shirley Friesen
Walt and Marlene Ott

If you are interested in joining the 125 Club or donating funds for a banner, contact the Henderson Chamber of Commerce at (402) 723-4228 or email

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