Collaborate on Quilt Show

Posted on April 9, 2012 by hchamber

Kelsey Bergen, Henderson’s Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, will be one of the nine quilters featured at Henderson’s Q125 Quilt Show coming up on April 28 and 29 at the Mennonite Heritage Park north of Henderson.

The upcoming quilt show to be staged at the Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park is a collaborative effort between the Mennonite heritage group and Henderson’s Q125 celebration committee.  The event, scheduled for April 28 and 29 from 1-5 p.m. both days, will benefit both organizations with gate proceeds being split between the two.  Individuals from both organizations will also be working together to ‘run the show’.

This unique show will include quilt artists whose ages span many decades and will include two mother/daughter sets of quilters as well.  The youngest quilters will be a couple of teenagers who have been active in quilting in the 4-H project arena for several years.  Megan Friesen and Abigail Bechtel have exhibited their 4-H quilt entries at the county and state fair levels.

The quilt artist who will represent the “twenty-something” age group is Kelsey Bergen, Henderson’s Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.  While her position at the chamber and other church and community volunteer involvement has kept her from pursuing much quilt-creating recently, she is an accomplished quilt artist in her own right and has been the recipient of awards in the past as well.  As an exhibitor at the Nebraska State Fair, one of Kelsey’s pieces was chosen as one of a select number of entries to be displayed at the Robert Hillestad Textile Museum Gallery’s Celebration of Youth on the campus of the University of Nebraska.  Kelsey is part of one of the mother/daughter teams to exhibit at the upcoming Q125 quilt show as her mother, Kathryn Goertzen, will also exhibit her quilt artistry.

Watch for additional updates during the weeks leading up to the show to find out who the rest of the featured quilters will be.

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