Youth Activities

Good times for young minds

Plenty of fun can be found in Henderson for youth. Here you’ll find a comprehensive listing of area activities for youth.  In Henderson, youth can enjoy a variety of sports, arts, agricultural and musical activities to name a few.  If you don’t see a program or activity that interests you, create something!


University of Nebraska – York County Extension Office
4-H serves youth through a variety of methods including organized clubs, school-enrichment groups, special interest groups, individual study programs, camps, school-age child care programs, and instructional television programs for boys and girls ages 5 to 18. Contact the York County Extension Office at (402) 362-5508 or email them


There are several teachers in Henderson providing piano, vocal and instrument lessons.

Organized Sports

Summer Softball and Baseball programs are organized by the City Recreation Department for ages 4-19.  Contact Connie Brown at (402) 723-5782 or email

Summer Activities


Contact Galaway Creek Golf Course at (402) 723-4828.

Summer Recreation Program

Contact the Henderson City Office at (402) 723-5782.


For information on the Henderson Aquatic Center, contact (402) 723-4680 during the summer and City Hall (402) 723-5782 during the off season.


Tennis courts are located at Lakeview Park. For more information, contact Henderson City Offices at (402) 723-5782.