Henderson Gives Day

The Henderson Community Foundation is excited to announce the first Henderson Gives Day which will happen Thursday, May 30th! Can’t wait to donate?  Give online beginning May 15th. During this time, you will have the opportunity to go online at www.hendersonne.com/give and make contributions to your favorite charities and projects in Henderson and York County.  If online giving doesn’t fit your style, stop by Henderson State Bank or Cornerstone Bank on Thursday, May 30th and let us help you with your gifts.

​The minimum donation on “Henderson Gives Day” is only $10 and there is no maximum so it’s easy for anyone and everyone to participate!!

What is Henderson Gives Day?

Henderson Gives Day is an online fundraising event created to rally community support for local charitable causes.  This unique one-day fundraiser is being organized by the Henderson Community Foundation and will be held on Thursday, May 30th from midnight to midnight.

Community members are asked to make donations to show support for the local nonprofit organizations that positively impact our lives every day.

The purpose of this community-wide giving challenge is to raise awareness of the current philanthropic needs of our community, build capacity of local nonprofits and inspire donors to support the causes that mean the most to them. Together we have the power to raise thousands of dollars and have a significant impact on the future of Henderson.

Who can I donate to? 

Donate to one or several of these nonprofit organizations specifically supporting local projects.

Who can participate?

Any nonprofit organization that serves the Henderson area is welcome to participate.  This includes causes such as health and human services, art and culture, children and families support, education, animals, parks and recreation, religious projects and many more. Register your nonprofit organization here. 

How will people participate?

Donations will be made online at ​www.HendersonNE.com. Henderson Gives Day is on Thursday, May 30th, but you can give as early as May 15th.  Donations must be made during this time to qualify for the matching funds.

The Henderson Community Foundation will also receive gifts from individuals who prefer to make their gifts in person instead of online.  Visit Henderson State Bank or Cornerstone Bank in Henderson on Thursday, May 30th during regular bank hours. ​Please note:  checks must be made out to the Henderson Community Foundation and dated May 30th.  Minimum donation is $10.

Why Donate on May 30th?

It is always important to donate various organizations, but Henderson Gives Day is particularly important because it is designed to grow and enhance local nonprofit organizations and promote them.  To show support of local giving, the Henderson Community Foundation will be providing add incentives and donations to the nonprofits who raise the most money through the Henderson Gives Day.     

Ready to Donate?

If you are ready to make an online donation, click here, or visit Henderson State Bank or Cornerstone Bank in Henderson to make a donation in person.  


Contact the Henderson Community Foundation at 402 – 723- 4228 or email hendefoundation@gmail.com