Where’s the beef – At Henderson State Bank this week

Posted on April 15, 2015 by hchamber

HalfCowThe Henderson Chamber of Commerce Big BEEF Raffle is on the mooooove once again. This week head over to Henderson State Bank to purchase your tickets and a chance to win a quarter of beef.
What are the benefits of getting a quarter of beef opposed to buying single cuts of meat at the grocery store.

1. Cost. It’s a raffle so if you win a quarter of beef with a $10 raffle ticket it is a good deal no matter how you figure it.

2. You will know that this animal was raised locally, so you do not have to question the quality of the beef. It will be top quality.

3. It will be processed locally, so you can pick the cuts you want. Love big thick steaks, include that in your cutting order. Eat mostly ground beef? You can choose that too.

4. You’ll need less storage space than you think. Typically, one-quarter of a beef yields 82-110 pounds of meat, which requires about 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space depending on the cuts of meat you choose. That is about the size of a standard refrigerator freezer.

5. Frozen beef will keep in the freezer one year. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy that meat.

Tickets for the Big BEEF Raffle will be sold throughout the summer, but they are only available this week at the Henderson State Bank. Two lucky people will win a quarter of beef at the Farmers Market on August 25 and hopefully you are one of them.
Where will the raffle be next week? Check your local news source next week when the next location will be announced.

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