Where’s the beef – At Heartland Schools this week

Posted on May 13, 2015 by hchamber

HalfCowThe Henderson Chamber of Commerce Big BEEF Raffle is on the mooove once again and will be at Heartland Schools this week, so make sure you purchase your tickets and one of two chances to win a quarter of beef before the raffle moves again.

With the raffle at the school this week, lets brush up on our math. Our meat math that is, to find out the price difference between buying individual cuts of meat compared to buying in bulk. For this, we will compare buying in bulk from Henderson Meat Processor to buying individually from Omaha Steaks in three categories: ground beef, steaks and roast.

Purchasing a pound of ground beef from Omaha Steaks will cost $7.24 compared to the bulk price of $4.89 per pound over 50 pounds which is a difference of 2.35 per pound. When comparing steaks an Omaha Steaks Ribeye costs $39.99 per steak compared to $12.00 per steak when buying in bulk a difference of $27.99. Finally an individual roast will cost $27.99 compared to $15.50 per roast when purchased in bulk a $12.49 difference. It is obvious that purchasing meat in bulk is a better deal and the only option better is purchasing a $10 raffle ticket which equals a $690 savings if you win one of the two quarters of beef that will be raffled.

Tickets for the Big BEEF Raffle will be sold throughout the summer as a fund-raiser for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. All proceeds will benefit community events organized by the Henderson Chamber. One of those events is the Henderson Farmers Market where two lucky people will win a quarter of beef August 25, so hurry to Heartland Community Schools to buy your raffle ticket today.