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During the summer of 2019 the Henderson Chamber of Commerce is planning to partner with the UNL Extension Office in York to offer Heartland Middle School students the opportunity to participate in a four- day camp to learn about entrepreneurship.  The program being used will be called EntrepreneurShip Investigation (ESI).  It is an exciting, interactive, and comprehensive curriculum project designed for youth, ages 10-19. ESI uses a variety of tools to help participants develop their entrepreneurial skills and find their business niche. Through exciting activities, case studies and current technology, participants are transformed into budding entrepreneurs!  Participants will learn curriculum and will have the skills and tools to start their own business, as well as have a completed business and marketing plan – the “road map” to the entrepreneur’s success.  Participants will learn that they can do all of these things without moving to a large city.  The ESI curriculum provides an opportunity to reach young people; enabling them to explore opportunities they can create for themselves with the support of their community.

On Monday and Tuesday, written curriculum along with entrepreneur spotlights and business tours will teach students about starting their own business during the camp.  Once they have created a business plan they will interview with a local banker to request funding for their business.  The money from the Henderson Community Foundation Grant will give each student $50 to start their business.  Over the weekend, on Monday and Tuesday participants will be able to work on their products and services.  On Tuesday evening at the Henderson Farmers Market, each business will be set up to sell their products and services.  A sample schedule of the camp is included for reference.

The mission statement of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce is Community Improvement through Business Promotion and the Chamber Board of Directors feel the ESI camp fully fits the mission of the organization because it excites Heartland youth about entrepreneurship, it teaches them about local entrepreneurs and it reminds them that Henderson would be a great place to start a business someday.

In addition to donations from Henderson Gives Day, the Henderson Chamber received a grant from the Henderson Community Foundation Grant to help each student start their business with $50 for initial business funding.  Money donated to this program will be used to cover the cost of student meals and snack in addition to the curriculum for the course. For the first year registration will be capped at 10 participants.  This number maybe increased to 15 participants in future years.   The Henderson Chamber of Commerce and UNL Extension will provide all of the staff for the event for free.

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