Work in Henderson

Where technology meets long time work ethic.Work 2

Since the beginning of the community in 1887, residents of Henderson have been known for their strong work ethic.  In a time when many businesses are closing across the nation, businesses in Henderson continue to grow and new businesses have been opened. Currently there are more than 125 businesses in the community ranging from single-employee home based businesses to a 100+ employee health care facility.

Henderson strives to be progressive when it comes to areas of economic growth.  Working in Henderson also brings the best aspects of living in a small town to each resident with: zero commute time, a low cost of living and high community support.  Henderson gives you the time, resources and community connections which can truly make you happy.  It doesn’t hurt that Henderson is located just 3 miles away from Interstate 80 with quick access to larger cities.

Whether you choose to be a business owner or work in our community, you’ll find that Henderson is a small town that offers the Good Life.

Careers in Henderson

Henderson and York County has a strong need for workers in specific industries.  Careers can be found in professional services, health care,  skilled trades, agriculture, manufacturing and retail to name a few.  Don’t forget to look at the jobs that are available in Henderson  here.

Business Directory

Find local businesses in the area for your everyday business-to-business or consumer needs.

Cost of Living and Commuting Information

The cost of living in Henderson is much less than what you’ll find in a metropolitan city in Nebraska or elsewhere.  You can compare costs  here.  As for a work commute? We don’t have one when you work and live in Henderson.  Commuting in Henderson counts each mile by the minute – ten miles on the road is ten minutes to work.  The average drive time across town is just two minutes or less.